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Overwhelmed by Employee Problems?

Many small and medium-sized businesses have their bookkeeper or another administrative person pulling yeomen’s duty as Human Resources (HR). They have a full-time job doing what they’re doing. Then get HR responsibilities are dumped on them. They’re told, “Fix that problem.” There’s a look of perplexity and a feeling of despondency. The poor person just… Read more »

Investigating Process To Improve Business

Traveling the world on business provides one with a unique window from which to view business operations. Incorporating culture, expectations, knowledge, and systems all play a part in dictating how well a business survives and thrives locally, nationally, and internationally. No matter what the scope of a business or where it is located, there are… Read more »

Human Resources Services in Wichita Falls

Every company has challenges with Human Resources (HR) at some time. In the “old days”, not that long ago, people could be hired and fired at will. Employees would come and go. Not anymore! There are issues of equal rights, discrimination, firing with cause, notice, employee complaints, the list goes on. These are just a… Read more »

Engage Your Employees

Employees Engaged? What are you talking about? I can just see the wheels in motion trying to figure out how some nut-case can suggest you can make money with your employees engaged. We aren’t talking about your employees getting engaged to be married, though that’d be nice for some. We’re talking about positive impacts your… Read more »

Workplace Conflict

Do You Want to Lose Profits Through Conflict? Let the Conflicts Begin Conflict in the workplace doesn’t just happen. It’s always the result of something else. Couples get divorced, fights break out on the street; countries go to war. We think there won’t be conflict at the worksite? Fat chance! What ultimately happens will be… Read more »