Does your company need help with HR Management?  Would mediation be the best answer to a dispute within your business?  Would  you personally benefit with Life Coaching services?  If you and your spouse hope to agree and understand each other, would divorce mediation help?

Challenges seem to flood our work and our lives constantly.  At these times in our lives, a specialist would benefit all of us.  If you want the best HR Management or Life Coaching guidance, then call Don Swift and Associates.  As he guides you into the person you want to become, Don protects your interests.

Don Swift and Associates Provide Services for Many

Don Swift and Associates passionately provides a wide range of professional services in the Human Resources area. Some of their services include:

  1. Professional HR Management that protects the employer’s and employee’s interests.
  2. HR Audits.   These include that your policies, procedures, and practices satisfy present legislation and regulation.
  3. Composing an Employee Handbook.
  4. Management of personnel policies and relationships between management and the workforce.
  5. Managing employee issues, discipline, terminations, and other employer/employee issues.
  6. HR Management Training.
  7. Mediation Services, the first step in resolving disputes.
  8. Development, implementation, and management of Quality Management Systems.
  9. Life Coaching services to help you become the best you want to be in your personal and business life.
  10. Divorce Mediation to make the separation as easy and respectful as possible.
  11. Services in other areas of mediation.

Call Don Swift and Associates Today

If you own a business in need of help with your HR Management in Wichita Falls, Texas, then hire Don Swift and Associates.  He helps you benefit your own personal life with his Life Coaching or divorce mediation skills.  Contact the best help for your business or to improve your personal life.

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