The human resources revolution is finally here. People matter to businesses more than ever before.  They’re being treated as valuable assets within organizations. The revolution brought into focus the realization that Human Resources (HR) is actually a science.  If perfected, it significantly increases the likelihood of finding the right people for a specific job and training them correctly.  Therefore, HR makes both employees and employers happy.

Your business can be part of this revolution by first recognizing the importance of HR departments.  Empower them to place the best talent on board. However, comprising your HR department with only one or two people could be harmful.  Their time may be so consumed with day-to-day personnel matters, they have no time to strategize for the future.

Our Services

Don Swift and Associates helps you prioritize talent recruitment and management. Of course, we introduce you to the advantages of a larger staff while avoiding more overhead.  Consequently, we also:

  • Advise about best practices in recruiting, on-boarding, and training management systems. The goal is to gain and maintain competent employees.
  • Develop handbooks, job descriptions, and work instructions.
  • Advise you about the development of compensation and benefits programs.
  • Investigate complaints and assist in the resolution of workplace conflicts.
  • Give advice about issues with possible legal ramifications.
  • Strengthen a small Human Resources group so that it functions as if it were considerably larger.

We provide training and talent management programs.  These programs guide your employees to the level of competency required for excellence in customer service. We also offer advice to you that provides the identification of special employees.  Those employees may be able to fill key leadership positions as they become available.

We dedicate our business to finding the best solution for your needs. As a loyal group of ethical practitioners, we guarantee our services to you, your employees, and your customers.  The decision to call us for a free consultation leaves you with no regrets. Call us today at 940-228-0550.