Every business has challenges. If you don’t have a designated HR Specialist, then Don Swift and Associates are the ones to call. Don helps you manage your personnel and address HR issues from employee complaints or terminations to QC. You may need to implement a Quality Management System. If you  require some form of mediation, then Don Swift and Associates are the HR Specialists in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Don also holds professional Life Coach Certification, only one reason to reach out to Don Swift and Associates. You always get the help you need in Lawton to reach your personal potential. If you need to maintain a reasonable balance between work and home or could use divorce mediation, then Don has what you need.

Don Swift and Associates Provide HR Management and More

Don Swift and Associates provides a large range of professional and human resource services. If you need help in your business or personal life, then Don provides:

  • Professional HR Management in Lawton, Oklahoma that protects the employer’s and employee’s interests.
  • HR Audits.  These ensure your policies, procedures, and practices satisfy present legislation and regulation.
  • Management of personnel policies and relationships between management and the workforce.
  • Managing employee issues, discipline, terminations, and other employer/employee issues.
  • HR Management Training to ensure your managers and supervisors have the best personnel tools possible to keep your business working smoothly.
  • Mediation Services, the first step in resolving disputes.
  • Development, implementation, and management of Quality Management Systems.
  • Life Coaching Services to help you become the best you want to be in your personal and business life.
  • Divorce Mediation to help make the separation as easy and respectful as possible.

Call Don Swift and Associates Today

If your business needs help with HR Management in Lawton, Oklahoma, then call Don Swift and Associates.  Perhaps you would benefit in your personal life from Life Coaching, divorce mediation, or a different mediation. Don Swift and Associates stand out as your best choice when you or your business needs help.

If you want the best to help your business or to improve your personal life, then call Don Swift and Associates at 940-228-0550.  You may also contact them through their Website.