Whichever part of Oklahoma in which your business is located, you require the best of HR Management Services. Are you a small business without a dedicated HR Specialist in Oklahoma City? Are you a larger company with a dedicated staff but you require the services of a professional HR Specialist in Oklahoma City?

You may require help with your personal life and need a life coaching therapist. There are so many issues that can affect your business or you personally. Having the best in HR Management or life coaching in Oklahoma City can improve your company and your life. It could save you money.

Don’t wait another day, bring in the expert in HR Management  and  Life Coaching in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma to ensure you have it right. Call on Don Swift and Associates today, to work with you.

What Don Swift and Associates Will Provide

Don Swift and Associates provides a range of professional and passionate human resource services for your business or your personal life. Don will provide:

  • Professional and passionate HR Management in Oklahoma City that will protect the employer’s interests.
  • HR Audits to ensure that your policies, procedures, and practices satisfy present legislation and regulation.
  • Management of personnel policies and relationships between management and the workforce.
  • Managing employee issues, discipline, terminations, and other employer/employee issues.
  • HR Management Training in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • Mediation Services as a first step in resolving disputes.
  • Development, implementation, and management of Quality Management Systems.
  • Life Coaching Services to help you become the best you want to be in your personal and business life.
  • Divorce Mediation to make the separation as easy and respectful as possible.
  • Call Don Swift and Associates Today

    If you are a business in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and need help with your HR Management, call Don Swift and Associates. You could benefit in your personal life from the best Life Coach or divorce mediator in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    Don’t delay. Call the best to help your business or improve your personal life. Contact Don Swift and Associates at 940-228-0550 or through the Website.