This is a personal message for you from Don Swift and Associates, LLC. We know how important quality products and excellent customer service are to the future of your company. Have you tried making sustainable profits or projections of long-term expansion for your business? We know the virtual impossibility of that task without customer satisfaction.

For this reason, we commit to helping your company do what it does even better. If you want to maintain successful enterprise, then understand it involves several essential areas.  Our business provides expert consultation services in those areas.

For this reason we commit to helping your company do what it does even better.

Essential Areas of Service

One essential area of service is your human resources department. As the talent behind your products or services, your personnel embody the human side of quality within your organization. Without the right people on board, you endanger your vision with disengaged employees and unsatisfied expectations. Revamp your human resources department.  Empower them to structure recruiting, on-boarding, and the overall training management system.  They should focus on the customers – both internally and externally.  By facilitating across-the-board productivity in your business, you raise the bar on quality.

Your quality management system now becomes another key area. You want to ensure your business shows tangible progress.  Therefore, select and employ the right procedures with a built-in mechanism for continually detecting and solving problems.  A culture of constant improvement energizes your employees.  It creates a sense of collective purpose within your organization.

In order to keep healthy communication flowing between personnel, learn how to handle workplace conflicts in an effective, friendly manner. By using alternative dispute resolution tools, you avoid disagreements.  Left to fester, disagreements escalate into time-consuming, expensive legal matters.  Mediation, used to guide conversations, resolves conflicts at all levels of the organization.

If you keep these tools in place, then your organization can guarantee excellence and quality.  You can view the future with a clear and renewed vision.

My message introduces me as an expert in these fields. I maintain unique passion for helping businesses excel. If you want to strengthen your company’s foundations and forge its future success, then I eagerly look forward to working alongside you.


Donald Swift