Quality, a common buzzword, communicates different meanings to different people.

In practice, quality looks like a client pleasantly surprised by efficient and friendly customer service. If a product arrives exactly as described on the seller’s website, then the online shopper sees quality service.  In essence, quality refers to the extent to which a product or service actually matches the seller’s initial descriptions. When expectations are not met, it hurts your business.

If you own a start-up business or an established company, then an essential, effective quality management system (QMS) continually ensures complete customer satisfaction. Quality management defines the set of work instructions and established procedures for employees to use.  This helps them handle customers’ requirements from the receipt of an order to the delivery of the service or product.

Quality Management Systems

Quality Management Systems may be formal, such as ISO 9000 or AS9100.  They adhere to international standards and use detailed manuals, procedures, and forms. Informal systems consist of on-the-job training and forms for documentation. Your QMS performs its job if your employees know the steps to ensure competent performance and quality product.

Your workforce makes up the most essential part of a successful QMS. Don Swift and Associates, LLC focuses on “the human side of quality”.  We assist you in developing and implementing an effective Training Management System. Your greatest advantage begins with well-trained, competent personnel.

Continual Improvement

Continual improvement makes up another important aspect of QMS. If you collect data on products and process, then real improvement may be made to the system.  For example, continually use customer feedback for significant changes and tweaks.

Don Swift and Associates, LLC helps you modify and perfect your system.  We also guide you through the process of setting up a new system.  With our range of experience, we offer expert insight from an objective point-of-view.  If you want to hear some of our common or unique perspectives, then let us offer our experiences.

Our experts train in the following areas:

  • Audit QMS processes and products
  • Conduct gap analysis and create a plan to close detected gaps
  • Develop Training Management Systems
  • Train personnel as in-house experts in Quality Tools
  • Implement a formal QMS (ISO 9000 or AS9100)
  • Suggest solutions for Calibration System problems
  • Review and suggest revisions for Inspection and Test Plans
  • Develop documentation from Quality Manuals to FEMA’s
  • Create a Supplier Quality Management System
  • Establish Corrective and Preventive Action Systems

Try Don Swift and Associates, LLC.  We guarantee quality service with a fun, affordable experience. If you want a free consultation, then call us at 940-228-0550 today.