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Motivate Employees Without Money

  If you prefer to read this online,  click here. Money Money works for a while as a motivator.  But, it does not breed success day in and day out.  And what we need as business owners is, to have our employees motivated every day.  That is what helped me be successful in my business,… Read more »

Disciplining employees for absenteeism

  If you would prefer to read online, click here.     Employees Employers have heard all the excuses. My alarm didn’t go off. My car broke down. My babysitter didn’t show up. I have a terrible cold. Though sometimes those excuses for being absent or late ring true, chronic absenteeism and tardiness can become… Read more »

HR in a post-Weinstein, #Me Too world

      If you prefer to read this online, click here. Sexual Harassment This fall, the flood of sexual harassment allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein gave women new confidence to publicly denounce sexual harassment.  Therefore,  powerful leaders – not just in Hollywood but in workplaces across the county.  The movement spawned a popular… Read more »

Manage Your Workplace Anger

    If you prefer to read this online, click here.         Hello all,   Workplace Anger I have watched all of eighty-four of the episodes of Suits.  If you have not seen the series on USA Network, the show is great one to watch to see workplace anger in action. I… Read more »