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How Do You Handle Arguments?

Do you ever get into some real knock down, take no prisoners arguments? That could be with your spouse, kids, friends, a stranger, or even at work. But, whomever the arguments are with, they are nasty. Don Swift, of Don Swift and Associates, Wichita Falls, Texas can help you. We’ll discuss the two paths that… Read more »

Safety in the Work Place

safety is job

It is not often that people who are out there doing their jobs every day, to the best of their ability, are recognized for their expertise and their drive to make the lives of workers safer and better. One of those dedicated people is Don Swift, CEO of Don Swift and Associates, Wichita Falls, Texas,… Read more »

Human Resources in Wichita Falls

HR Don Swift

Don Swift and Human Resources in Wichita Falls, Texas This is part of an interview with Don Swift, Chief Executive Officer of Don Swift and Associates, Wichita Falls, Texas, talking about Human Resources. Don has more than 25 years of experience in delivering Human Resource services to companies and organizations in the Wichita Falls, Texas… Read more »