Engage Your Employees

Don SwiftEmployees Engaged?

What are you talking about? I can just see the wheels in motion trying to figure out how some nut-case can suggest you can make money with your employees engaged.

We aren’t talking about your employees getting engaged to be married, though that’d be nice for some. We’re talking about positive impacts your organization can have by engaging your employees in the discussions and operations of your company.

Do You Like the Status Quo?

To decide whether or not this is for you, you must decide if you’re happy with the status quo. Is your production at a level you like? Is there room to improve production costs through employee performance?

If your response is, “I’m happy,” then this isn’t for you. Those who ignore the opportunities employee engagement can bring to their organization are potentially leaving a lot on the table. This is about gaining more revenue dollars per employee along with substantive quality improvements.

What is All this Engagement?

Engaging your employees is about them understanding what is happening in the workplace and being part of the decision-making. It’s about them feeling appreciated and valuable. It’s about them wanting to be at work each day.

Don’t They Just Want More Money?

Productivity doesn’t depend upon how much you pay your employee. It can, however, be significantly affected by how your employees feel they are treated and how they feel about working at your company.

Treat Them Like A Mushroom

We’ve all heard, “The boss treats me like a mushroom. He keeps me in the dark and feeds me nothing.” How productive do you think that employee will be compared to an employee who likes coming to work because he or she is engaged in the workplace?

The Results Are Impressive

There has been abundant research about the benefits that arise from employee engagement. The research suggests there’s an opportunity to improve employee performance by as much as 60% (Gallup 2012). Who wouldn’t want that?

What are You Going to Do?

One approach we see often is deny, deny, excuse, excuse, and let the opportunity fly by. This is prevalent with issues an owner or manager may not be comfortable with, such as having a website that generates leads.

What Can You Do?

There is much you can do to bring about positive employee engagement. The first detail is to call Don Swift and Associates to implement a Human Resource (HR) management strategy for engaging employees in the workplace. Do it before another dollar is lost. Who can afford to throw good money down the drain?

Who is Don Swift?

Don Swift is the CEO of Don Swift and Associates, a leading human resource consulting firm in Wichita Falls, Texas. Don’s been providing strategic HR advice to businesses in the Wichita Falls and Texoma areas for more than 20 years. He’d welcome the opportunity to talk to you about how he can promote HR management of employee engagement. It’ll substantially improve your bottom line.


Employee engagement is a strategic HR and HR management process. It builds a positive work environment so employees want to come to work. The result is a more productive workforce. Remember, some estimates suggest positive employee engagement can build up to a 60% improvement.

Don’t delay. Contact Don Swift of Don Swift and Associates today. Call 940-228-0550 or contact him directly through the Don Swift and Associates website. Don will guide you to positive employee engagement for your organization.

Don’t treat your employees like mushrooms. Put them in the light with Don’s Swift’s strategic HR management guidance. Your organization’s future can be bright.