Month: September 2018

Sexual Harassment: Old vs. New Rules

Sexual harassment has maximized in front-page headlines. Is your organization next in line for a colossal complaint or a #MeToo hashtag complaint?The old HR rules for preventing and confronting harassment charges have changed. If you are still relying on 20-year-old prevention, training and complaint policies, you could be in a dilemma. Do you understand your… Read more »

Disciplining Employees for Absenteeism

Absenteeism and Excuses Employers hear all the excuses. “My alarm didn’t go off.” “My car broke down.” “My babysitter didn’t show up.” “I have a terrible cold.”  Sometimes those excuses for being absent or late ring true. However, chronic absenteeism and tardiness become major problems in the workplace, consequently wreaking havoc on productivity as well… Read more »