Month: August 2018

Onboarding: The First 90 Days

Onboarding a new employee and their first 90 days can be crucial to both of you. You spend so much time and effort finding the right people.  However, what happens when they show up on Day One? How do you handle employees’ first few hours and their decisive first 90 days on the job? A… Read more »

Positioning Yourself for Upward Mobility

Middle Management Middle managers serve a vital role within any organization, but often desire upward mobility. If you are middle management, you bridge the gap between top administration and the support services staff. Therefore, the responsibility of implementing strategic plans falls on your shoulders, right down to the smallest of details. You enjoy the challenges… Read more »

How to Manage Employee Types

Four Employee Types That Drive You Nuts and How to Manage Them Most workers are managed fairly easily. They understand that if they don’t get their jobs done, they could ultimately be replaced. Nearly every worker easily grasps that concept. Many know enough to link their performance with raises, bonuses, and other goody-bag perks, such… Read more »

Six Ways to Treat an Angry Employee

The Angry Employee Sooner or later, a manager must be the bearer of bad news. If it’s a termination or disciplinary notice, employees may react with anger. If the anger is directed at you, it’s perfectly normal to become frustrated and defensive. Learn how to resist this impulse and maintain control of yourself and the… Read more »