The Times They Are A-Changin’

(Witmark-Demo, 1963, Bob Dylan)

Change is in the air, as the poet says of the modern-day times. Bob Dylan capitalized on this in his 1963 song “The Times They Are A-Changin’”. That is what is happening in my life.

I am moving my home and my business to Little Elm, Texas, to be closer to family. There are many good things about this kind of move – most of which I cannot remember when I am overwhelmed by the things to do for the move.

But I wanted to tell you all that my service to you in consulting, mediating, training, and life coaching will remain the same. You are, after all, the butter for my bread! (LOL!) I am also beginning to work with Management Recruiters of Dallas-Irving as an executive recruiter. I have wanted to do this for a long time and now, because of the move, I am enabled to do so. If you have jobs you need to fill, give me a call (765-617-5510) and I will do what I can to get you the executives you need.

Additionally, I am working on a workshop which will be focused on teaching mediation skills to HR Managers and Other Professionals Within an Organization. I think workplace mediation is one of the fastest growing fields of all mediation categories. And, it works! In fact, the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution Tools within your company will allow you to develop the engaged culture you have been striving for. If you look at replacing the first step of your interactive disciplinary system with a mediated event, you will probably not have to worry about repeat behaviors which are inappropriate for the workplace. If you would like to talk about this give me a call.

I will be conducting more Life Coaching sessions via This is easy, affordable, and comfortable. I am already working with two clients using this process and they like it. It cuts down on travel and it is very efficient.

We are also updating the website with the classes I offer. These are all available over let me know if there is some training need you may have.

So, it’s a short news letter this time. Change is our only constant in life, so I guess we need to embrace it and enjoy it, as my friend Bobby Albert says.