Month: April 2015

What Are the Four Components of Quality Management?

Quality management refers to ensuring that a service, product, or organization meets customer requirements and remains consistent. In order to achieve this goal, four factors are evaluated: quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, and quality improvement. It’s important to remember that achieving this in your business requires a step back to analyze not just service… Read more »

How Do People Factor Into Quality Metrics?

Before engaging in any process, you must have a system in place to measure improvement within your business. This is known as setting your quality metrics (kpi’s), and doing so can be especially helpful when you’re evaluating your company and determining the next steps forward. As the old saying goes “what gets measured is what… Read more »

How Can ISO 9001 Help My Business?

There are many possible benefits of certification to ISO 9001 for your business. Perhaps you are looking into the process because you upgrade your current certification or maybe you are looking for a standardized way to improve your service to your customers. Either way, there are four key benefits to implementing the programs associated with… Read more »