Month: June 2018

Effective Communication Basics

Be Effective with the Four Communication Basics There’s not one ‘best’ way to communicate with your Teams, but rather a number of different ways. That being said, apply some fundamental communication options on most projects. Before you get too sophisticated with your approach to communication, make sure you know and use these fundamentals very effectively…. Read more »

Updating Your Employee Handbook

An out-of-date employee handbook is more of a liability than an asset. With ever-evolving laws and regulations, it is important to ensure that your company’s handbook is current. When reviewing and revising your handbook, take heed of the following hot-button employment law topics. Handbook Trouble Spots The workplace-law changes coming from the Trump administration demand… Read more »

Termination: Top Four Mistakes Made by Management

Termination “Dicey” comes to mind when considering a great description of most terminations.  My advice to you? Always move forward with a termination slowly, with great thought, and consult someone you trust. The List I compiled a list of ways terminations probably backfire.  In addition, I included the techniques to make sure it doesn’t happen… Read more »

Cut the Fat: Can You Reject Obese Applicants?

Obese Applicants In the past decade, two parts of our lives have grown: American’s’ waistlines and the desire for employers to reduce their employee-related health care costs.  Consequently, those two trends force many employers to consider a legally risky thought. Can they refuse to hire over-weight people? The debate typically hinges on the question of… Read more »