Month: May 2015

Passion for the Arts


  There are a few things about which I am passionate. One of those things is the quality of life of the people in my community, and especially the children of my community. Having a long career in human resources, and working to help companies choose the right individuals to help them be wildly successful,… Read more »

Don Swift and Associates Launches New Website!

Don Swift and Associates, a human resources and quality management consulting firm located in Wichita Falls, TX, is excited to announce the launch of its new website, as part of a  strategy aimed at expanding its role as a leader in mediation, HR and Quality systems. The new showcases a more modern look and… Read more »

Case Study: Albert’s Moving and Storage

The Problem: Imagine your business thriving. Your revenue is growing at a rate so fast, you can hardly keep up with your customers. Everything is working well, but the quality of your products and services were beginning to deteriorate. Bobby Albert, the CEO of Albert Moving and Storage (AMS) was having just such a dilemma…. Read more »

Case Study: Cryogenic Vessels Alternatives

A quality control system at a company which manufactures equipment is a much needed tool. Without good quality, faulty parts may be shipped to a customer. How happy would your customers be if the parts shipped to them were low quality or broken?  Cryogenic Vessels Alternatives had just such a problem. The company decided to… Read more »

Case Study: Continental NH3 Products

When you’ve been in business more than 50 years, you have a tendency to become complacent when it comes to quality control. Then you begin thinking about being more attractive to new customers, and craftsmanship becomes a higher priority. That is exactly what happened to Continental NH3 Products. The company decided the implementation of the… Read more »