Case Study: Albert’s Moving and Storage

The Problem:

Imagine your business thriving. Your revenue is growing at a rate so fast, you can hardly keep up with your customers. Everything is working well, but the quality of your products and services were beginning to deteriorate. Bobby Albert, the CEO of Albert Moving and Storage (AMS) was having just such a dilemma.

With over 150 employees, “AMS” had grown so large they needed quality and service excellence programs. Desperate to find a solution, Bobby Albert on the advice of his COO, turned to Don Swift and Associates.

The Solution

Don Swift helped AMS Staff to create a more complete Business System by designing and implementing both a Quality Management System as well as a Human Resources Management System. This addressed such issues as:

  • The need for an overall controlled process for designing quality plans to handle customer requirements
  • The lack of an organized and controlled Customer Service training process
  • The need for quality metrics and the analysis for continuous improvements
  • A document control system
  • The lack of a corrective and preventive actions system
  • Job descriptions which were incomplete
  • The lack of a formal Training Management System
  • The need to stabilize Human Relations issues
  • Lack of a Quality Manual and an HR Handbook.

Don Swift organized their team to recognize that by putting an emphasis on people and workable systems designed against established standards, AMS could greatly improve their Quality and HR Management processes.

“Don fit our culture because we place emphasis on people. He connected our people internally to help our customer service base.”

–          Bobby Albert, CEO AMS

According to Bobby Albert – Albert Moving and Storage had developed a company principle called, ‘Nside/Outside, which stated that: “Our service to the customer is only as good as our service to each other.” Don was the perfect fit for the company to accomplish that.

Don Swift and Associates understands that when employees take pride in their work, quality gets embedded into that firm’s core values. This value of quality not only effects the internal culture of the company, but changes customer interactions as well, and in the process enhances the bottom line.

This is the Human Side of Quality.

With all of the compliance issues surrounding human resources, it is necessary to create a Human Resources Management System that is accurate and focused on meeting the government’s strict regulations, yet one able to capture talent, and develop the company’s employees. As Bobby Albert stated, “You fill in all the blanks and are in compliance and everything is in place, but what Don is doing is that he is actually making it work.”

As a direct result of Don Swift and Associates’s involvement, and the management team’s focus on developing the culture, systems, and employees of Albert Moving and Storage, the company went on to be cited as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in Texas.

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