Don Swift and Associates Launches New Website!

Don Swift and Associates, a human resources and quality management consulting firm located in Wichita Falls, TX, is excited to announce the launch of its new website, as part of a  strategy aimed at expanding its role as a leader in mediation, HR and Quality systems.

The new showcases a more modern look and allows users to have a unique interactive experience.  The new site features customer case studies and testimonials, whitepapers, and video.  The site provides content syndication that can be seen on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

“Our team has worked very hard over the past few months to make our website capture audience interest and provide for an excellent customer experience,” says Steve Haviland, President of Think of IT Computer Services.  The Wichita Falls based service who delivered the website. “We feel the new website provides information about us in an easy and assessible manner, and we hope our visitors enjoy the page as much as we do.”

The website is an essential resource for companies looking to improve their systems and processes in regard to human resouces, conflict resolution, and quality management systems.  Client’s can learn about the companies services and visit the blog to receive tips, and advice about human resources and quality management systems.

To see the new website, please visit

Don Swift and Associates is a dedicated to finding the best solution for your needs. As a loyal group of ethical practitioners, we hold confidentiality in high esteem and guarantee you will not regret trying our services. Call us today at 940-228-0550 to receive your free consultation.