Month: July 2018

Building a High Performing Team

What exactly do you expect from a high performing team? A high performing team exceeds the goals you set.  They work hard and smart as a group, not as individuals, and they enjoy working together. Most teams never reach the high-performing stage. That is the reason they are so special when you finally achieve this… Read more »

How to Stop Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Workplace bullying is systematic psychological abuse that degrades and humiliates.  Consequently, It causes anxiety, depression, burnout, and lower levels of job satisfaction in targets and bystanders. Behaviors include frequent yelling, manipulation of work, nasty emails, and social isolation. This constitutes the bad news.  What good news could there be?  There IS a solution to this… Read more »

Developing an Effective Email Monitoring Policy

While email and the internet affectively revolutionized business, employees use them for some very unproductive purposes. Employers monitor employees’ email and internet usage for any number of legitimate reasons. However, beyond personal productivity issues, you risk significant loss should an employee download a virus or other damaging software or engage in illegal activity conducted on company… Read more »

How to Scare Away a Good Job Candidate

Countless tips and how-tos exist online to help job candidates shine in an interview.  However, very limited help tips for guiding the hiring manager can be found. As a manager, it is assumed that you already know what you’re doing.  After all, you sift through the résumés and narrow down the choices to a top… Read more »

Bullying Leads to Criminal Charges

Having trouble persuading employees that workplace bullying yields dire consequences?  Unable to convince managers to take the problem seriously?  Then add this warning to your next training session:  Employees who harass and abuse co-workers – and supervisors who turn a blind eye to such bullying – may face jail time. Consider this recent example of… Read more »