How to Stop Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Workplace bullying is systematic psychological abuse that degrades and humiliates.  Consequently, It causes anxiety, depression, burnout, and lower levels of job satisfaction in targets and bystanders. Behaviors include frequent yelling, manipulation of work, nasty emails, and social isolation.

This constitutes the bad news.  What good news could there be?  There IS a solution to this problem.

Stop Bullying and Harassment

Educate and train your workforce on a description of bullying, confronting it, and ways to report it. Finally, use the following suggestions in your work place.

  • Define similarities and differences in workplace bullying, harassment, and violence.
  • Describe damage caused by these behaviors.  Furthermore, use examples from businesses to help ending them.
  • Understand these behaviors as a social phenomenon, including traits of perpetrators and targets.
  • Find what drives people to engage in bullying or aggressive behavior at work.
  • Determine your organization’s cultural factors that allow negative behaviors to thrive.
  • Articulate tactics for building preventative and sustainable positive culture change. As a result, these can serve as part of your defense if ever challenged.
  • Discover regulatory updates, including the four state laws against workplace bullying and the EEOC and NLRB’s stance on the issue.

Bullying and harassment have become a real problem in today’s workplace. Above all, don’t let your organization continue to tolerate these employee behaviors. Consequently, they could expose your company to a host of legal issues.