Case Study: Continental NH3 Products

When you’ve been in business more than 50 years, you have a tendency to become complacent when it comes to quality control. Then you begin thinking about being more attractive to new customers, and craftsmanship becomes a higher priority. That is exactly what happened to Continental NH3 Products.

The company decided the implementation of the AS9100 quality management system would be the best structure for improving the quality of their products. Don Swift and Associates, LLC was highly recommended to Continental NH3 Products, by another company. Don Swift brought his knowledge and patience and immediately stepped in and began the painstaking process of getting Continental NH3 Products ready to implement and certify for the AS9100 system.

That kind of person is hard to find. I don’t think you can get much better…We were lucky to find Don Swift. – Judd Stretcher, President, Continental NH3 Products

Weekly meetings for all employees were implemented, and Don Swift listened patiently. He helped them write their own quality control manual from the bottom up. The manual was neatly tailored to suit the needs of the company and would help them to certify to AS9100.

Don Swift has brought benefit to the people of Continental NH3 Products by empowering them to work together toward improving not just their products, but their working relationships as well. The entire community of workers was impressed further by Don Swift who has always been readily available to anyone who needs him. He responds quickly to their emails and answers phone calls at any hour.

The certifying audit for Continental NH3 Products will soon be upon them. The company is confident and prepared thanks to Don Swift and Associates, LLC.

He has also agreed to visit every three months to keep the company on-task and up-to-date. He will make sure they are still doing what they need to do for as long as they feel they have that need.

According to Judd Stretcher, Continental’s President, “That kind of person is hard to find. I don’t think you can get much better…We were lucky to find him.”

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