Sexual Harassment: Old vs. New Rules

  • Sexual harassment has maximized in front-page headlines. Is your organization next in line for a colossal complaint or a #MeToo hashtag complaint?The old HR rules for preventing and confronting harassment charges have changed. If you are still relying on 20-year-old prevention, training and complaint policies, you could be in a dilemma.

    Do you understand your rights?

    • ​Discover the newest practices for preventing, investigating and remedying sexual harassment in the workplace.
    • Learn how to develop a program that will not only meet compliance requirements but also ​change employees’ behavior. 

    What is considered unlawful “harassment” in today’s workplace? Many types of harassment exist today from when the Supreme Court first defined sexual harassment and created an employer defense.

    • How do you craft a lawsuit-proof anti-harassment and discrimination program? Understand what to say, how to say it and when.
    • How to draft a new policy for responding to complaints against key employees
    • ​Why your harassment training needs to be up close and personal (Find out how to create company wide sessions so that everyone from the janitor to CEO takes it seriously!)
    • Steps to revamp your complaint process fostering an environment where victims feel supported, free of shame, and free from shaming

    What to do as an HR professional if a complaint involves a high-level executive or other key person – who do you call and how fast do you act?


    Don Swift