Workplace Conflict

DonDo You Want to Lose Profits Through Conflict?

Let the Conflicts Begin

Conflict in the workplace doesn’t just happen. It’s always the result of something else. Couples get divorced, fights break out on the street; countries go to war.

We think there won’t be conflict at the worksite? Fat chance! What ultimately happens will be a testament to how well prepared your organization is for preventing and dealing with workplace conflict.

What is Workplace Conflict?

Conflict could be as simple as two people who won’t talk to each other, to an argument, or the extreme of two or more people getting into a brawl. Workplace conflict can take many forms. It ultimately results from not having any conflict management system in the workplace to address conflicts adequately.

What are some of the Reasons for Conflict?

The basis for conflict can reside in cultural differences, social prejudices, personal stress, labor unrest, group power struggles, and processes of workplace change to suggest a few of the reasons. There are many reasons for conflict. To prevent it, is not as simple as saying, “Stop.”

What’s at Risk?

Lost productivity and other financial risks are costs of conflict. Reputational risk can also significantly affect the business.

Financial Risk

In the United States, the financial cost to the economy is in the billions of dollars. If you’ve never calculated the cost in your organization, that would be a good place to start.

Risk of Reputation

When your clients hear about conflict in your workplace, they may begin considering another company. No one wants to continue to buy from an organization where conflict can cause quality and other product issues.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Don’t be like many other business owners and managers and ignore workplace conflict. Don’t believe for one second it can’t occur, won’t happen, or doesn’t exist. It’s usually there in one form or other. You may not see it or recognize it. “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” doesn’t cut it.

Make the commitment today to improve your bottom line by doing all you can to prevent workplace conflict.

What Do I Do?

Preventing or dealing with workplace conflict begins with management wanting a conflict-free workplace so badly they can taste it.

The good news is, you don’t have to do the work. Don Swift of Don Swift and Associates can does it for you. Don has years of experience in helping small and medium-sized businesses make money by eliminating conflict in the workplace. He also helps efficiently resolve workplace conflict after it has happened.

Who is Don Swift?

Don Swift is the CEO of Don Swift and Associates, a leading human resource consulting firm in Wichita Falls, Texas. Don has more than 20 years’ experience providing strategic HR advice to businesses in the Wichita Falls and Texoma areas. He would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about ways he can help with an HR management process that provides professional conflict resolution skills.


Building a conflict-free workplace and dealing with workplace conflict takes a strategic HR management process that creates a positive work environment. Employees will want to come to work. The result will be a safer workplace and a more productive workforce which will make money for your company.

If you aren’t satisfied with the status quo, contact Don Swift of Don Swift and Associates today. Call 940-228-0550 or contact him directly through the Don Swift and Associates website. Don will build a conflict-free workplace for your organization or help you resolve on-going conflicts.

Don’t ignore the problem. With Don’s Swift’s conflict management skills, your organization’s future can make money from a conflict-free workplace.