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How to Treat Women at Work

In many areas of business, research shows that women at work receive an average of 4% less pay than men.  Therefore, they are passed over for promotions.  Why is that?  Your business could suffer dire results if women at work aren’t treated fairly. Women at Work Because one study suggests that women unhappy with situations… Read more »

Mediation for Small Businesses

      I   Mediation Small businesses, like corporations, can find themselves in conflict with neighboring businesses, employees, customers,vendors, and even with their business partners. Therefore, unlike corporations, small businesses often do not have the resources to deal with these conflicts.  Thus, the question then becomes: When there is a dispute, does a small… Read more »

New Beginnings

    If you prefer to read this online, click here.   New Beginnings I have always thought of the end of the year and the beginning of the new year as an opportunity for new beginnings.  This goes way back with me and helps me make sense of the new year’s resolutions we all… Read more »

Are There Games in Your Office?

If you prefer to read this online, click here,   For two weeks my eyes were glued to the television watching the spectacular efforts of the participants at the Olympics.  The competition was fierce, and we all learned that there has been cheating.  That took a long and independent investigation, and all this got me… Read more »

The Reasons for Conducting Employee Surverys

        If you prefer to read this online, click here.     Actively Engaged Employees Actively engaged employees are the foundation of successful companies. According to Gallup, a majority of the workforce is missing.  Half (51%) survey as ‘not engaged,’ and another 17% are ‘actively disengaged.’” If employees aren’t engaged with their… Read more »