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Small Business Mediation

Small businesses, like corporations, occasionally find themselves in conflict with neighboring businesses, employees, customers, vendors, and even with business partners.  Unlike corporations, small businesses often don’t have the legal, public relations, and human resources to manage these conflicts.  Therefore, when there’s dispute, does a small business mediate or litigate? What is Mediation? Mediation involves the… Read more »

Pointers for Business Success

We can always learn from others to work better or differently to achieve success. Whether it’s in our personal lives or in business, we can always do better.  Don Swift of Wichita Falls, Texas has developed a number of principles for you to consider when you decide to achieve success by performing better. Who Is… Read more »

Employee Termination

The Decision Is Made You’ve made the decision to terminate an employee for the good of the organization and your other employees.  This will be a very difficult and stressful time in your professional life. To help you with the decision to terminate an employee, the first recommendation is to call an expert for help…. Read more »

The Best Place to Work

  I Want to Work There Do you want to work there?  Why?  Because it’s a great company with a good reputation with its employees.  But, what makes it a good company for employment? With a little advice, your business can be considered a great place to work. Steve Jobs said, “People with passion can… Read more »

Basic Quality Control

Quality Management

Join Don Swift for a Basic Quality Control educational opportunity. Learn specifically about inspection and test & statistical process control. Quality managers, technicians, engineers, inspectors, and supervisors are invited to attend. The class will be held from 6:00 pm-9:00pm at the Vernon College Century City Center. Join us on Tuesdays from March 22, 2016 to… Read more »