Human Resources Services in Wichita Falls

Don1Every company has challenges with Human Resources (HR) at some time. In the “old days”, not that long ago, people could be hired and fired at will. Employees would come and go. Not anymore! There are issues of equal rights, discrimination, firing with cause, notice, employee complaints, the list goes on. These are just a few of the HR challenges businesses now face.

Many companies don’t have the internal resources to adequately address HR issues. There’s hidden cost as well as direct cost when hiring/firing aren’t organized correctly. Employee morale can affect productivity and sick day costs. There are legal and settlement costs if complaints are brought against a company and its management.

The question is, are you prepared for all the HR issues? Can your HR department adequately protect your company?

Are You Prepared?

Are you ready for such issues as sexual harassment suits? This is just one of the many headlines in the local Wichita Falls, Texas newspaper from the past couple of years. It highlights the failure of HR Management to positively address workplace employee issues. It’s not possible to eliminate all court cases in a litigious society. However, a business can be prepared. They can initiate appropriate hiring practices, active on-the-job HR Management, and employee exit strategies.

It’s obvious the many companies highlighted over the past couple of years weren’t prepared. There are probably many more time bombs ticking and unprepared in the Wichita Falls area.

HR Services On Call

“HR On Call” in Wichita Falls is a great service. It is designated for companies without the internal resources for adequate preparation. This is a service provided by Don Swift and Associates. Don Swift will provide a monthly, dedicated Human Resource service to small and medium-sized companies in the Wichita Falls area.

For a small monthly fee, Don Swift and Associates will dedicate a set number of hours to work with you on your ongoing HR issues including but not limited to:

  1. Conducting Human Resource Risk Analysis.
  2. Developing appropriate Due Diligence Procedures for all areas of Human Resource
  3.   Developing appropriate hiring policies.
  4.   Structuring an employee interview process and reference check.
  5.   Developing and maintaining personnel policies and procedures.
  6.   Writing and maintaining employee handbooks.
  7.   Developing and maintaining management manuals and training related to personnel
  8.   Assisting with management of personnel reviews.
  9.   Addressing employee complaints and conducting workplace investigations.
  10.   Annual compliance training for addressing sexual harassment and workplace
  11.   Compliance Reporting.

Don Swift and Associates’ goal is to guide you toward “perfection in employee management.” A well-defined HR Management Program will save your company money. You’ll not only reduce hidden costs, but will reduce turmoil within the company. There is no better defense than 100% due diligence defense. That shows you’ve done everything possible to make your workplace an enjoyable, safe, and secure place for employees.

The Cost of “HR On Call”

Most people “cringe” when they think about cost. Don Swift and Associates have designed packages of tremendous value that won’t break the bank. Monthly services start at a very low $300 per month. Each package is then custom-tailored to suit each client’s needs.

Don will gladly provide you and your company a well defined HR Management Program. Save your company money. You’ll not only reduce hidden costs, but will reduce chaos within the company.
A Word about Don Swift and Associates

Don Swift and Associates is a Management and HR Consulting firm in Wichita Falls, Texas that provides outstanding, dedicated client services. Don Swift and Associates is not a law firm. Don is an expert in his field and will introduce your company to strong Management and HR practices.

Don says, “95% of all HR matters don’t require legal work. They simply need a dedicated program. These practices promote the due diligence necessary to keep firms on the positive side of HR management.”


Not having adequate HR systems with policies and procedures can cost a company money both in hidden and direct costs. In the past couple of years more than 20 firms in Wichita Falls, Texas found their practices and procedures didn’t measure up. They all gave out huge settlements.

Don’t let the litigious system beat you. Save money by spending a little in the beginning. Talk to Don Swift of Don Swift and Associates. Their “HR On Call” Service, starting at $300 per month, is custom-tailored to suit each client’s needs.

Don’t let holes in your HR Management hurt you. For as little as $300 per month, Don will work for you.

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