Overwhelmed by Employee Problems?

canstock26339921Many small and medium-sized businesses have their bookkeeper or another administrative person pulling yeomen’s duty as Human Resources (HR). They have a full-time job doing what they’re doing. Then get HR responsibilities are dumped on them.

They’re told, “Fix that problem.” There’s a look of perplexity and a feeling of despondency. The poor person just doesn’t want to get in the middle of an employee debate.

What Happens?

Being responsible for HR is okay when hiring, during holidays, and for any personnel administrative issues. Everything changes when the business turns into a battlefield.

The owners and managers don’t want to deal with HR problems and neither does the person not given the choice. The problems fester and boil. It begins when two employees argue. The situation escalates when more employees get involved. Sides are taken, grievances fan the flames, and then all hell breaks loose.

What are the Impacts?

The impacts have significant consequences. Some can be seen. Others are less obvious. Some of these are:

  1. Conflict causes a business to lose good employees. There are immediate costs associated with new employees, such as advertisement and training.
  1. A conflict on the shop floor can lower the day’s productivity. Work blockages, even for a few minutes, increase the costs of production. Long term costs are associated with quality and production losses.
  1. Sabotage risks increase and cause productivity, equipment, and production costs.
  1. Product quality can suffer, adding to production costs. Part of the added is cost is because unacceptable products must be disposed of.
  1. Legal action from the disparaged employee(s) can result. Management focus is taken away from production. This causes an increase in production and administrative costs.

What Can You Do?

Don’t become overwhelmed with employee problems. Don’t let employee morale drop to the point that problems occur. Sound simple? It is if you do it right. There is a simple solution to your overwhelming employee problems.

Yes, there is an appropriate HR strategy that will put your money to better use. You don’t need the in-house skills to manage your human resources. You just need to be introduced to the real opportunity.

How to Find Out?

The easy solution is Don Swift, an HR Specialist from Don Swift and Associates in Wichita Falls, Texas. Don can teach you an appropriate HR strategy for your business. Don Swift will use his life coaching skills to bring peace to your workplace. He’ll help your company learn HR skills which are important to your business.

Call Don Swift today at 940-228-0550.    He offers a low fee solution for all your HR needs.