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I had a discussion with a business owner the other day about respect. Because he owns a business in another country with a different culture from what we have in North America.  But one thing I will learn is the same..

One cannot take respect.  One will earn respect.  Furthermore, the business owner from the other country was so used to taking respect; he could not see that what he thought was respect was disdain.

I talked to the fellow for more than one hour about what every respected boss does to earn that respect.


Do Unto Others as you Would Have Them Do Unto You


That seems pretty simple.  Because in the case of the business owner, it is readily apparent he did not treat his workers with any respect.Therefore,  there is a lot of discussion around how he treats his employees.  And with that, how could he be expected to be treated with respect?

Some of the things discussed were:

Not having clear and agreed-to expectations between the workforce and management. He expects the other workers to make sure their coworkers do what is expected.  He also talked about the many times his supervisors berated his employees, and he did not even know the reason why.  A clear case of not having clearly defined expectations or any respect.

Not Providing Resourses

  1. Not providing adequate resources and equipment. The owner’s workers are working in locations where gloves should be mandatory, along with protective clothing.  Beyond the low wages paid, the owner expects the workers to provide for themselves.  Therefore, a clear case of the company not respecting the value of the jobs of the employees.

To Progress

  1. There is no opportunity to progress. Any supervisory positions are filled by people of the similar social class of the owner, leaving the workers to believe they are the lowest of the lowest.  If a person cannot have the opportunity to lift their head, there will be little motivation to respect the job and the work environment.


  1. Treat the workers like mushrooms and pay them with dirt. Furthermore, there is little to motivate the employees and have them appreciate the job that they do.  The owner pays as little as possible, just making it to the minimum.  He has the expectation workers are a dime a dozen, and no one will leave, as it is almost forced financial incarceration.  The workers have no respect for the company, or management, and are experts at hiding their destructive acts.


Is This True Life?

It this true life. Because there are still companies today, no matter where one goes, where the workers do not show their boss any respect.  Therefore, all because the boss does not treat the workers with respect.  And, I have not even talked about the benefits to an organization of what respect can do.


What to Do About It?

The first is recognize that with a lack of respect, there is most certainly a loss to the organization.  It could be in lost productivity, thievery, or sabotage.  And it is so easy not to have this situation.

Respect Checkup

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(Tips from Justyna Polaczyk in Livechat Blog in Business Psychology)

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