One Simple Step to Save Your Marriage

Is Your Marriage On the Rocks?

It’s another evening, just like so many others, sitting in the living room thinking sadly about your relationship Angry Womanthat seems to be on the rocks. You know it takes two to keep a relationship functional, but you and your spouse just seem to have become strangers in your home. The two of you have had your differences and now just do not seem able to talk about them anymore.

Just at that moment your spouse walks in and sits down. The first thing you blurt out is, “Dear, I am sorry, but I do not think we are doing very well. We never talk about what is bothering us.”

Your other half responds, “I was thinking the same thing for the hundredth time, but didn’t know how to approach the subject, as each time all we seem to do is get into some real arguments.”

In the ensuing conversation, you both admit to thinking about the need for mediation to help you sort out the issues that you always seem to argue about and can never bring to a positive conclusion.

There must be a better way, and there is. You know that your relationship is near a meltdown. You both agree there have been lots of signs, and mediation may help you to sort out the disputes at hand.

What Are the Signs of a Meltdown?

There are always signs that your relationship is in a meltdown, but some do not see them while others just cannot talk about them.

Here are some of the top signs that you need couple’s mediation.

1. The quality time you spend together. What quality time together? You do not have time! But didn’t you both go out separately with your individual friends last week rather than spend time together? This is a positive indication you would rather be elsewhere and that your relationship is in meltdown.

2. Who is your best friend? If you have to think about this, or never even considered your partner, you are headed for misfortune. If your partner is not your best friend in every sense of the word, your relationship is on the rocks.

3. When was the last time you had “an intimate encounter?” You cannot remember? Intimacy and special quality time together are very important in a relationship. If you are wondering what an intimate encounter is, your relationship is in meltdown.

4. You do not make decisions together. One or the other of you decides to buy a new car, invites friends over for dinner, or makes a decision that can affect the other partner, the family, or oneself. There is not much we do in our daily lives, away from work, that does not have either a positive or negative impact on our spouse or family. If this is you, your marriage is in a meltdown.

5. You do not talk anymore. During a meal you eat in the living room while your partner remains in the kitchen. You may utter a few words, but neither of you concentrates on any kind of conversation. Not talking or chatting about topics you used to discuss is a sure-fire sign you are in meltdown.

Help Us Please

The two of you look at each other with sadness and know in your hearts that the other is a great person, but you have just let things slide. Life has its ups and downs. It would have been great if you had addressed the signs earlier, but this is life; this is reality.

Thank goodness, after so much time though, the two of you are now talking about a solution. You have mentioned couple’s mediation and remember reading about couple’s mediation services with Don Swift and Associates.

Don Swift has years of healthy experience in mediating disputes between couples, families, and individuals. You remember reading about how many people, just like you, he has helped. Maybe it’s not too late. Maybe there is hope.

The two of you agree on a small start, and you pick up the phone to call Don Swift. You tell him you both have recognized the need for couple’s mediation and want his help.

What Is Couple’s Mediation?

Couple’s mediation is a process of communication that will help each of you “have your say,” with the conversation structured in a way that allows each of you to tell your story and how the issues are affecting you. There is no blame game, and there is no accusing. The couple’s mediation allows for straight talk, from the heart, allowing you to tell exactly how you feel and the reason you feel the way you do.

A neutral person facilitates couple’s mediation. The objective is to help you come to positive conclusions on the outstanding issues affecting your relationship. After talking to Don Swift, you know you have made the right decision to secure his help.

The Call –  The one simple step to save your marriage.

Don Swift has years of positive experiences in helping mediate couple’s disputes in the Wichita Falls area. He is waiting to help you. Don’t let your marriage meltdown. Give him a call to begin working for you.

Call Don Swift right now at 940-228-0550 or (765) 617-5510 to help you and your relationship. You will be glad you did.