Games in Your Office

For two weeks I glued my eyes to the television watching the spectacular efforts of the participants at the Olympics.  Because of the fierce competition, some contenders decided to cheat.  The long, independent investigation made me think about games in the office.

Games in Your Office

Consider competition in the workplace as positive.  Employees make up the team with a common goal, winning.  While individual performances remain important, the entire team plays and wins.

Now consider negative competition in the workplace.  There may be a common goal, but the individuals don’t cooperate with each other and occasionally fight among themselves.  No one wins.

The Coach

The coach usually determines whether your team wins or loses.  If you win, then work continues.  However, if you lose, the business loses.

What Action Should be Taken?

Within any group of people, individuals may develop agendas of their own, differing objectives, or different ways of working with others.  As the coach you sort all this out and make decisions that turn individuals into a winning team.   You need a good Human Resource (HR) system.

Call a Human Resources Specialist.  If you own a business in the Wichita Falls, Texas area, then Don Swift and Associates offers the services you need.  Don’s experience and expertise as a life coach identifies the personalities of the players on the team.  Then he offers ideas geared to bringing out the best in them.


The importance of understanding personalities may be seen in sports.  Every coach understands that to bring out the best in his players, he must first understand the player’s personality.  The same applies to the workplace team with these differences:

  1. The High Jumper shows aggression. However, giving the best jobs to them comes at the expense of the rest of the team.
  2. The Handball Player looks out for self and hides wrongful acts well. The truth remains hidden from the boss with an adverse effect on the whole team.
  3. The Basketball Player shows no interest in the end result and passes responsibilities off to others. This personality type appears as the weakest link, but may be difficult to discover.

What Approach Should You Take?

Do you need to identify which personalities hold your team back or learn new ways to solve conflict? Don Swift’s many years of experience helps employees and employers become winning teams. He guides businesses through the HR process identifying personalities and solving conflict.  His life coaching skills helps your team develop strong competition. Call Don to redirect the games in your office.

Call Don Swift and Associates at 940-228-0550 or go to their website by clicking here for more information.