Elder Mediation

indexDon Swift, an HR specialist in Wichita Falls, Texas, mediates disputes between family members and within many different business environments. He has now added Elder Mediation to his repertoire.

In a family setting, Don has helped clients resolve financial, personal, and professional disagreements.  He says, “I’m now seeing more issues arising with elder family members.”

What are Elder Disputes

Don Swift outlined elder disputes as typically occurring when family members attempt to talk an elder member into an action the elder doesn’t particularly want to do.  A dispute usually develops as a result of financial issues or an adult child believing he knows best.  Don also outlined that there are times when “medical conditions are involved, which can create a separate set of challenges.”

Don made a statement about the change in family dynamic when members don’t agree.  He said, “I’ve seen families torn apart, arguing about what each member thinks is best.”

Elder Mediation

Don Swift has risen to the challenge of mediating elder disputes many times.  He said, “Elder meditations are always emotionally charged. I use my mediation skills to help the family work through their issues.  Sometimes a family dispute ends up in court.  Elder mediation is a positive way to address issues without going to court.”

Mediation is an efficient way of discussing and solving problems.  Don Swift suggests, “Court is the avenue of last resort.”

Staying Abreast of Best Practices

Don Swift recently attended an “Elder Mediation Training Conference” held May 20th and 21st in Houston, Texas.  Don stays abreast of best practices and shows his continued commitment to his clients through continuing education of this type.

The Elder Mediation Training provided 20 hours of presentations from a number of professionals addressing:

  • Understanding medical conditions and the impacts on decision making.
  • The incidence of depression with elderly people
  • Maintaining elder independence and other options
  • Legal and financial planning issues
  • Ethical issues
  • Mediation with family members not wishing to participate

Don Swift Will Provide Mediation

Don’t let a dispute with an elder family member destroy your family.  No dispute is worth tearing your family apart or the consequences of going to court.  If you’re involved in a family dispute with an elder family member, you’ll need Don Swift.  He’s an expert in dispute mediation and resolution in Wichita Falls, Texas.  Don has many years of experience in dispute resolution.  He’ll help you find a positive   resolution to any dispute.

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