The Best Place to Work


I Want to Work There

Do you want to work there?  Why?  Because it’s a great company with a good reputation with its employees.  But, what makes it a good company for employment?

With a little advice, your business can be considered a great place to work. Steve Jobs said, “People with passion can change the world for the better.”  That’s true.  There are many benefits to a company with the reputation of being a great place to work.

The Most Valued Components

Glass Door compiled a list of the most valued components for making a company great.

  1. Culture and Values
  2. Compensation and Benefits
  3. Career Opportunities
  4. Work-Life Balance

Make these a priority in your company and reap the benefits.

What are the Benefits to My Company?

Do you have a hard time believing these changes make that much difference? Then, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Your company could save money in the long run.

If you don’t believe me, a Human Resources (HR) specialist can show you proof of the benefits of satisfaction in the workplace.  However, before the advertisement, here are some advantages you can appreciate.  They’ll save you money and make money for you.

  1. Less Employee Turnover

You already know the costs of hiring and training new employees.  Your staff loses time training, and you lose time with paperwork.  As well, lower productivity while new employees learn their job costs revenue.

  1. Engaged Employees

Employees who are engaged at work are more likely involved in the pursuit of the company’s success.  They’ll take ownership of their work and the responsibility of helping the business thrive.

  1. Happy Employees

Happy employees are the best ambassadors for their companies.  This is more relevant in today’s digital age, where potential customers look for a “personal connection”.  They find that connection on Social Media when your employees promote your company.  A good word from your staff can beat out the competition for that new client.

 Compensation to Employees

Employees value benefits from work other than just a paycheck.  Make no bones about it; pay is important.  But a reputation as a great company to work for doesn’t mean your pay scale has to be off-the-charts.  A happy employee will accept a lower pay range because better benefits make the difference.

What Am I to Do?

As a business owner, you need to understand the benefits of being a great company to work for.  To make the jump to that reputation, you need good HR management services.  The benefits of satisfied employees will actually save you money and increase your bottom line.  You need to hire an expert in the field of HR management services for your small or medium-sized company.

Call Don Swift and Associates

To get the competitive edge, call Don Swift and Associates.  With one phone call you can become one of the great companies to work for.  In addition to a full range of HR Management services, Don provides conflict resolution, life coaching, and mediation.

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