The Heel of My Shoe

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Recently I listened as a friend of mine, frustrated beyond belief,  telling how disappointed she was in her printer resource.  Her company depends upon an outside resource to provide printers.  In her case, her regular printer is on the blink and her support company had installed another printer, older than the one she was renting.  They told her that the printer she had been renting would be out of omission for a while.

The Printer

The office is small and the personnel who work there depend upon economy of motion to get things done.  One of the features of the broken printer is that it allowed them to network to the printer, thus saving a lot of time with their printing tasks.  Even though they have desk printers to help maintain confidentiality, those printers are for “one off” copies.  The network printer allowed them to make copies in volume for training and/or public assistance.

The printer support company told them that the newly installed printer had that same capability, but they would not be hooking it up since they were not going to purchase this printer, not planning to keep it at all after the old one was fixed and reinstalled.  This decision by the support company was not received well and could not be reversed by their upper management.

Problems with the Printer

So, what are they left with?  Now they will have to travel to the printer each time they need to make copies of a document in quantity, put the document they need printed in the printer, and wait for the copies to print.  This also ties up the office printer over the course of the day.


What a bad taste this support company has left in the mouths of my friend and her colleagues.  Their decision now is to change support companies altogether.  They feel they have been put upon because they are small, and apparently inconsequential.

A Flaw

But, I see it as more than that.  I see it as a character flaw on the part of the support company.  It will take them very little time to set the printer up so it can be networked.  If they think it through they will  realize that. If they stand in the shoes of their client, it will be easy to understand why this action needs to be taken.  Their lack of foresight and consideration has not only lost business for them, but has become the subject of several conversations about them.


Our customers are special.  They may have rotten personalities and it may seem that they want to take advantage of us, but they are special.  Our clients are the reason we are in business.  Clients deserve to be treated with the utmost when it comes to our vision and mission.  We created the vision and mission to have the personality of the customer in mind.  We think of all customers as being the same, deserving the same – an experience that exceeds expectations.

Remember when your grandparents said to polish both the toe and the heel of your shoe.  You want to guard how you look to your customer when you walk away from them.



Don Swift


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