To Terminate An Employee or Not

The Decisionindex

You made the decision to terminate an employee for the good of the organization and your other employees.  This could be the most difficult, stressful time in your professional life.  The essentials become to “dot the i’s and cross the t’s”.

To help you with the decision to terminate an employee, call an expert for help.  You need Don Swift, the Human Resources (HR) expert.

 The Law in Texas

In Texas, you may terminate an employee for:

  • Cause – An employer discovers an employee with stolen company property, continually poor performance, or a breach of other terms of employment.
  • Reduction in Workforce
  • Just Because – An employee with an annoying personality creates problems with others in the workforce.
  • Voluntary Termination – The employee decides to terminate the employment.

Any termination puts the employer at risk of being sued.  Even when the employee leaves voluntarily, he may claim unfair treatment or discrimination.  Sorting out the legal and emotional issues to protect the employer’s interests and limit financial exposure to a claim requires expert assistance.

The Terminated Employee

Many terminated employees look for ways to take legal action against past employers.  A past employee goes through three stages when terminated.  We call the first stage the “I didn’t do anything wrong” stage. The second stage begins with anger, whereupon the past employee seeks a lawyer.  The final stage occurs with action against the former employer.

The Employer

A previous employee accusing an employer of wrongful dismissal causes some of the most emotional and financial issues you’ll face.  You’ll face a full range of emotions when presented a claim for wrongful dismissal.

Be Prepared

Call an expert prior to termination to protect your interests.  One call helps you address the stress and emotion of the decision to terminate an employee.  The termination process requires a judiciously calculated manner.

You need help with:

  • The correct process for discipline.
  • Due process provided to the employee as the opportunity to improve performance.
  • Correct documentation provided to the employee.
  • Complete personnel records.
  • Providing a witness to confirm the employee was appropriately addressed.
  • Preparations for the inevitable; legal action against you and your company.

The Expense

Contracting a professional saves you money and acts as your insurance policy, so you face any claim of wrongful dismissal with confidence.  You protected your interests and reduced your risk of legal and financial exposure in every way possible.

Call the Experts

Termination of an employee transpires into a very complex process.  Don Swift and Associates expertly guide you through the termination process.  Their experience protects your company and you from emotional and financial attacks of a previous employee.

Call Don Swift at 940-228-0550 for help in the Wichita Falls, Texas area.