Safety in the Work Place

safety-515x580It is not often that people who are out there doing their jobs every day, to the best of their ability, are recognized for their expertise and their drive to make the lives of workers safer and better.

One of those dedicated people is Don Swift, CEO of Don Swift and Associates, Wichita Falls, Texas, who has dedicated a large part of his working life to helping companies and workers be the best they can be.

Expert Panel on Telemundo Television

On Saturday, October 3rd, 2015, Don Swift, of Don Swift and Associates, Wichita Falls, Texas, participated in an expert panel to discuss “Creating a Safe Workplace.” In discussing his selection to the panel, Don said, “Having workers go to work and come home to their families every day is the principle behind our continuous drive to help companies be the best they can be at creating safe workplaces.”

Don continued, “We work with many businesses in Texas that also hold the same principle as a priority. Our job is to assist with the development of safety systems, safety auditing, and ongoing management and coaching to ensure the safety goals of each company we work with are met.” Don concluded, “For us and the companies we work with, the tangible and intangible benefits of a strong safety program are well understood. Safety is Job Number 1.”

Don Swift and Associates

If your company could use some assistance in delivering a top-notch safety program, call on Don Swift of Don Swift and Associates, Wichita Falls, Texas. Don is recognized as an expert leader in the development, delivery, and management of safety programs for businesses in Texas and the Texoma area. He would welcome the opportunity to help your company achieve its safety goals. Don said, “Safety is not only good for the employees, but it can save the company money. That goes right to the bottom line.”