Respectful Boss, Respected Boss

Every Respected Boss Has a Planindex

After a discussion with a business owner, I discovered an important lesson about being a respected boss.  Respect must be earned.  Some bosses try to demand respect, but only become disliked by employees.  The business owner I spoke with couldn’t see that his employees actually treated him with disdain.

The discussion transpired into a lesson in business.  What actions earn respect? It seems every respected boss knows instinctively and has a plan.   A basic part of that plan reflects this saying:

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

For business owners, the saying should read, in order to gain respect, give respect.  Hence, treat your employees with respect, and they, in turn, treat you with respect.

Rules for a Respectful Workplace:

  • Develop clear expectations agreed upon between workforce and management. A respected leader teaches supervisors the expected ways to communicate with coworkers.  If issues arise, the clearly defined expectations alleviate disruptions, so work continues.
  • Provide adequate resources and equipment. If the management provides equipment and assures the safety of employees, then they feel valued.  The result of feeling valued?
  • Opportunity to advance within the company with a clearly defined ladder of progress. If an employee knows he can advance, then his work ethic increases.
  • Motivate and appreciate the work of the employees because to do so incorporates a win/win situation for both the workers and the management.

Many business exist today with no respect between management and workforce.  The rate of turn-over drives the cost of training far above what it should be.  Only one small act of kindness could improve attitudes and contentment.

What to Do About It?

If you own a business, then learn to recognize that lack of respect causes major loss to your organization.  The losses include money spent training new people and, also, lost productivity, thievery, or sabotage.

A human resource specialist would improve your situation as a business owner. I suggest Don Swift and Associates in the Wichita Falls, Texas area for an independent review of your organization.

Don’s many years of experience in human resource management brings a practical approach to your management.  He develops the parameters you need within your organization for dramatic improvements.

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