New Beginnings



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New Beginnings

I have always thought of the end of the year and the beginning of the new year as an opportunity for new beginnings.  This goes way back with me and helps me make sense of the new year’s resolutions we all tend to make and break.

I feel the same way about managing HR activities.  The new year is a perfect time to begin thinking about how to re-iterate those aspects of your HR plan that are so important to overall and continued growth.


I think one way to do that is to review those aspects of your company’s culture, values, and rules of engagement that are expressed in your on-boarding training.  In general, when we bring a new employee into the company we want to ensure they understand the aspects of the company that make it “tick”.  I am sure you go over the following (at least) with a new employee:

  • Handbook policies and HR procedures;
  • Company values;
  • Rules of conduct;
  • Discrimination and sexual harassment;
  • Workplace violence philosophy and rules;
  • Health and safety;
  • Time off rules;
  • Ethics
  • Conflict and conflict resolution


  • Understanding the Rules

You may say to yourself, “Why is he trying to make more work for me?”  I’m not.  I’m actually trying to save you work down the road and to strengthen the general understanding of those things that often become a burden when employees don’t understand all the rules.  And, even long-term employees forget the details of these things from time to time.

So, what have you got to lose?  Put together some brief, but complete, training which lets your employees know there are rules to engagement.  Keep these things in front of them and create a common understanding amongst your work force of the rules and regulations of being one of your employees.

Good luck and happy new year.


Don Swift

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