Motivate Employees Without Money


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Money works for a while as a motivator.  But, it does not breed success day in and day out.  And what we need as business owners is, to have our employees motivated every day.  That is what helped me be successful in my business, and it will work for you.


To get help with finding ways to motivate my employees without money, I sat down with Don Swift, HR Consultant in Wichita Falls, Texas to discuss the issue.


Who is Don Swift?


Don Swift is a human resource professional in Wichita Falls, Texas.  He services companies and organizations in the Texoma area, going as far south as Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth.  He has more than 25 years of practical and professional experience in human resource issues, including being a registered life coach in Texas.


Hundreds of companies have called on Don Swift for HR development, mediation, training, and to take on HR for a flat fee with their businesses.  And I have too.


The Don Swift List for Motivation Without Money


Don Swift outlined seven things any business owner or manager can do to motivate without money:


  1. Supportive Leadership


Leadership is a critical factor that employees look to.  They want clear and concise instructions, support, and want a boss they can trust.  That does not mean you should be their friend, but you need to be friendly.


Work in close collaboration with your employees, build trust and let them know how much you appreciate their great job to make everyone satisfied.


  1. Empower Your Employees


Employees want to know that they are valued.  That their values, their thoughts and expressions are worth something.  In many cases, the employees know the jobs better than the rest. So, why wouldn’t you empower them by giving them the benefit of trust?


  1. Do You Have a Positive Environment?


Do your employees feel at ease coming to the office?  There was just an announcement where one government agency had to pay out about $100 million to solve a class action suit as a result of sexual harassment.  It affected less than 5% of the employees, most of who left.


(Written by Wayne Drury)

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