Motivate Employees Without Money

Money motivates employees, doesn’t breed success for long.  Successful business owners motivate employees daily with using money as a motivator.  Don Swift, an HR Consultant suggests several different motivational means that don’t cost money.

Who is Don Swift?

Don Swift is a human resource professional in Wichita Falls, Texas.  He services extend to companies and organizations in the Texoma area as well as in Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth.  He possesses more than 25 years of practical and professional experience.  Don’s HR skills includes his registration as a life coach.  Many businesses use Don’s expertise for HR development, mediation, and training.

Motivation without Money

Don outlined seven ideas any business owner or manager can use to motivate employees without money:

  1. Supportive Leadership
  2. Supply clear, concise instructions and support to employees.  If you work in close collaboration with employees, then you build trust.  Employees know you appreciate them and become satisfied.
  3. Empower Your Employees
  4. Show trust to receive trust.  If you empower your employees, then you reap the benefits.  If they know you value them, then they value the business.
  5. Provide a Positive Environment
  6. Make your business a safe, happy place to work.  If the employees are happy, then the customers are happy.
  7. Develop Teamwork
  8. Provide opportunities for employees to work together to share the load.  Many good ideas result from people working together.
  9. Reward Others
  10. Recognize good ideas and extra work, or any other activity.  The reward could be any extra award from candy or flowers to gift cards or free lunch.  Also, don’t just reward individuals, reward the group.
  11. Observe Boredom
  12. If you want to keep boredom at bay, then give employees the opportunity to be inventive and to brainstorm with others.
  13. Be Aware of Dissatisfaction
  14. Dissatisfied employees leads to unhappy customers.  If you stay involved with your employees, then you create an environment that eliminates dissatisfaction.  You don’t have to be friends, but you do need to be friendly.

Call Don Swift

Don Swift takes an objective look at your organization and identifies opportunities you may be missing.  He offers his knowledge and guidance at an affordable monthly rate.  Don provides help with any of your HR issues, including motivation.

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