Manage Your Workplace Anger

indexThe series called Suits on television displays the perfect example of workplace anger in action. The anger on the show captivates the audience, however anger in the real life workplace has a much different effect on employers and employees.

I have watched all of eighty-four of the episodes of Suits.  If you have not seen the series on USA Network, the show is great one to watch to see workplace anger in action.

I know it is a show.  It would not be so captivating if there were not so much anger.  But, the show is a show, and real life is much different.

The Basis for Workplace Anger

Anger in the workplace could be caused by the culture of the organization, for example, a boss thinks anger demonstrates leadership. This actually happened to me with one of my first jobs.  When the paper-making machine broke down, the supervisor physically threw me against the wall.  His violent reaction exhibited not just anger, but a life-threatening incident.  Human Resources helped me out.

No matter how hard you try, at some point in your work life, you are going to become angry.  The way you deal with your anger makes all the difference, especially if you are the boss or supervisor.

Manage Your Workplace Anger

  • Don’t allow anger to get the better of you. If the anger stems from you, remember words can never be taken back. Learn to manage your anger appropriately.
  • Be a great listener. A normal human emotion like anger needs to be expressed in an appropriate manner.
  • Pause and search for the root cause. Anger is usually a reaction to an issue which could be bothering an employee or the boss.
  • Control your words and actions. Chuck Swindoll said, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. The remarkable thing is, we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day”
  • Don’t let people annoy or upset you. When people find specific ways to annoy others, they’re the ones with the problem.
  • Engage your mind before your mouth. Take a walk to cool down or a few hours before composing a note about your point of view.
  • Call Don Swift and Associates, a leading Human Resources consulting firm in Wichita Falls, Texas. Don years of HR expertise will defuse any negative situation.

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Anger in the workplace elicits all varieties of emotions and consequences.  All of them can be detrimental to you and your company by losing good employees. Before the anger in your workplace gets to this point, Don Swift offers advice and guidance.  If the situation in your workplace has become detrimental, call Don Swift for advice and guidance.

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