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Don Swift and Human Resources in Wichita Falls, Texas

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This is part of an interview with Don Swift, Chief Executive Officer of Don Swift and Associates, Wichita Falls, Texas, talking about Human Resources. Don has more than 25 years of experience in delivering Human Resource services to companies and organizations in the Wichita Falls, Texas area.

What Is Human Resources?

Human Resources, in a business context, is the delivery of certain services within an organization. Those services deal with hiring, working conditions, and administration of employees. The goal of a Human Resources Department is to adequately and professionally manage the relationship between the employer and employee in any work situation.

Don Swift said, “If a business does not have an adequate Human Resources Department and employee management system, they are exposing themselves to lawsuits, employee dissatisfaction, and lost productivity.”

Interview with Don Swift

Q: How Do You See the Problem in Wichita Falls?

In responding to the question, Don outlined an allegation of wrongful dismissal that “included a number of issues that could have been handled adequately. Proper processing would have saved the organization thousands of dollars in legal fees and settlements”

At the heart of one case, an employee was provided a glowing annual performance review. Shortly thereafter, the employee was terminated by the manager. Termination was based upon a perception of what might occur because of actions by the employee. In short, the employer’s manager took independent action based upon perception and hear-say, putting the employer at significant risk.

There was no process within the organization for investigation of employee complaints. There was no termination process nor evaluation of methods used to terminate employees in the best interests of the employee and the employer.

In another case, an employee was fired a few hours after he advised management that he had a medical condition that required treatment, and he would need a few days off work. The supervisor who fired the employee did not have any Human Resources management standards to follow within the organization. The lack of any human resource processes cost the employer thousands of dollars.

As Don Swift said, “They had no idea of the hidden costs associated with the treatment of employees on the job. It all comes down to having professionally managed Human Resource processes within an organization.”

Q: How Do You Work With a Client on Human Resource Issues?

Don Swift, with a slight smile said, “I wish employers worked with me a lot earlier than they usually do. Many employers call me to get involved when they already have a problem. In many instances, I could save employers thousands of dollars by helping them manage Human Resources appropriately.”

Don explained his services as “…not taking over those involved in Human Resources within an organization. We give them a helping hand. Most people are working full out and don’t have the time to see what needs to be done to improve Human Resources within an organization.” He said, “Many companies, big and small, can benefit from an external consultation and review. There can be a significant return on investment just by saving a company from one complaint.”

Don’s services include:
Evaluation of Human Resources
Adherence to federal and Texas laws
Building Human Resource systems and processes
Addressing complaints
Employee relations
Termination processes
Conflict resolution through mediation.

Q: What are the Benefits to the Employer?

Don Swift of Don Swift and Associates outlined the benefits to the employer as being the savings in visible and invisible costs. “Visible costs are those associated with settling with an employee, such as legal fees and settlements within the court system. Hidden costs are those associated with some of the issues that we do not see, like lower productivity or even petty vandalism.”


Human Resources deals with the systems and the management of personnel in the work place. The costs of poor Human Resources can be significant. That is where Don Swift of Don Swift and Associates comes in. Don can provide an independent view of your Human Resources. He has the expertise and qualifications to develop, implement, and manage personnel issues so you don’t have to worry about legal issues.

Give Don Swift a call today at 940-228-0550 and talk to him. He can help your company stay out of the legal bite of Human Resource litigation. You will have happier and more productive employees.

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