How to Treat Women at Work

In many areas of business, research shows that women at work receive an average of 4% less pay than men.  Therefore, they are passed over for promotions.  Why is that?  Your business could suffer dire results if women at work aren’t treated fairly.

Women at Work

Because one study suggests that women unhappy with situations in their workplace just “suck it up.” The study sited one reason for this lack of action. Therefore, women fear being fired, and they usually cannot afford to lose their job.  If your company doesn’t promote women worthy of a task, you hold your own company back and lose money.

Are women being treated fairly in your company?  Do they face sexual harassment or abuse?  Do you promote them if they deserve it?  Pay close attention to your managers and other employees.  Be aware of workforce situations.


If you ignore the women in your workforce, then you lose an opportunity to capture a fantastic talent pool.  Women usually think better, are more peaceful, and apply better decision-making skills than most men.

Women don’t stay when they feel unfairly treated. Therefore, you lose quality staff.  You could face a sexual harassment or discrimination case.  The costs associated with these include embarrassment in the marketplace, legal costs, and settlements.


Never be afraid to make a change.  Pay attention to developments within your company.  See employees by their talents and work ethic.  Re-organize.  You’ll find that by running your business better, your employees and customers are more satisfied.

Don’t just treat women at work fairly.  Offer fairness and quality employment to everyone who works for you.