Quality Management Saves Businesses!

Quality Management Saves Businesses!

Every manager believes that business is focused on meeting or exceeding customer service requirements. Your business probably is, but there are constantly evolving ways to improve customer satisfaction. Don Swift and Associates can introduce you to an effective Quality Management System.

A well-defined and functioning Quality Management System will help you achieve your goals for quality customer service and satisfaction, something every business aspires to accomplish. Don Swift, a Wichita Falls Human Resources expert, can help you achieve your goals for quality management. Here is a list of 5 Things you should know about Quality Management Systems.

What Are We Talking About Anyway?

A Quality Management System is a process for bringing together all the features you have to lead your organization towards the best in customer service and satisfaction. It includes your organizational structure, the management team, and their responsibilities. Add your procedures, processes, policies, and human and capital requirements, all required for achieving the best customer service and satisfaction, and you have a Quality Management System.

The 5 Things You Need To Know About Quality Management Systems

The first thing that you need to know is that implementing an effective Quality Management System is not an easy task. However, it is one that can help you distinguish your business from your competitors. This is not meant to scare anyone because there is help out there.

Everyone wants their business recognized for great customer service. Extraordinary Customer Service means loyal customers. To have an effective system, bring in the expert, Don Swift. Don can help define your Quality Management System, assist with implementation, and ensure appropriate monitoring, measuring, and management. Outstanding customer service is what you want, and Don Swift can help you accomplish your goal.

Your organization must have a culture that is customer focused, not just serving the customers. It means you want the best customer service. Everyone must know their responsibilities concerning achieving that goal. It also means having the processes and systems in place for collecting and studying data to provide the basis for understanding customer satisfaction over a continuum of time.

To analyze your business culture and develop new ways to make your organization exceptional, bring in the best; call Don Swift.

We have discussed the challenge of implementing a Quality Management System and the need to have a customer focused culture. The question is, “How do we achieve this and guarantee outstanding quality and dedicated relationships?”

Management can implement, but employees deliver. Administration talks about the organization’s vision, mission, and values. Each new employee is introduced to these statements and goals. However, many companies fail by not communicating the implementation of these proclamations with their employees.

A critical part of a successful Quality Management System is having an appropriate process in place for educating new employees. It requires an ongoing communication strategy to confirm that the organization’s mission, vision, and values are front and center all day, every day.

You have the desire to implement a Quality Management System. You understand the issue of business culture and the need to engage your employees in the delivery of your organization’s vision, mission, and values. Now you are ready to start, but what about the benchmark?

The benchmark is your starting point for measuring your success in the future. You need to understand and measure your critical success factors. That is where Don Swift is required. Don can help you understand your critical success factors and how to best measure such things as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and product quality.

Lastly, we are going to discuss the plan for implementing improvement. You have the Quality Management System in place, you have your benchmarking data, and you are monitoring and measuring. Now, what do you do with all that data?

Obviously, the data will be used to determine a plan for improvement. Don Swift can help you translate the data and develop a plan based upon practical assignments for individual staff to maintain your organization’s exceptional customer service.

Who is this Don Swift Anyway?

Don Swift is an expert in the management of the human side of business. His business is helping businesses understand and implement appropriate policies, procedures, and systems that address each organization’s needs in human resources and quality management. As well, Don is there to help if you need to address employee performance, including termination and mediation.

For any issues relating to human resources in your business, you should call Don Swift of Wichita Falls, Texas at 940-228-0550.

On Your Way with a Quality Management System

Excellent customer service is what separates one organization from another. It is what can raise your organization above the crowd. The way to accomplish all of this is to bring in Don Swift and have him put his Quality Management System expertise to work for you.

Implementing a Quality Management System, focusing on customer satisfaction with quality products, quality service, and quality management is very important to any organization. Your customers and their satisfaction are what keep you in business. Don’t let your business fall down; call Don Swift at 940-228-0550 to help raise your organization above the crowd.