Competition in the Workplace

Many people spend hours glued to the television watching the spectacular efforts of the participants at the Olympics.  The fierce competition includes cheating, occasionally.  It made me begin to consider the competition that occurs in the workplace.

Competition in the workplace can be positive.  Think of it this way.  Employees become a team with a common goal to win and maintain clients.  The importance of individual performances becomes evident when the whole team wins.

Negative competition in the workplace occurs when the team doesn’t cooperate.  Individuals pit themselves against each other, causing the team to lose.

The Coach

Consider yourself, as owner and CEO, to be the coach.  Your method of coaching determines whether or not your team wins or loses.  Every group of people consists of those with hidden agendas and differing ways of working with others.  As coach, you must make the decisions that turn the individuals into a winning team.  Coach your employees in such a way that they want to be a winning team.


Every coach appreciates how important it is to know and understand the different personalities on his team.  Some of those personalities may be grouped into categories, such as:

  • The High Jumper: This person always jumps ahead of others for the best assignments.  This aggressive personality causes the rest of the team to stop trying.
  • The Handball Player:  Able to hide their actions well, this person causes adverse effects on the team.  They make unkind or sarcastic comments to others and about others. They also dodge guilt by throwing blame at other team members.
  • The Basketball Player:  Good at passing off their responsibilities, this team member rarely completes assigned tasks.  They allow the rest of the team to carry them, causing other team members to follow suit and drop the ball.  Failure is eminent when this player controls the situation.

Solving the Issues

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