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Invest in Yourself and Earn Credits While You’re at It

If you’re like me, you often get to the end of the day and wonder, “Where did the day go?” Our days are often filled with meetings and mayhem, with little time to focus on the most important things. To become the most effective, sometimes we need to pull away from the daily grind and… Read more »

ISO9001 Training – Learn What Changed and the Affect on Your Business


What Is IS09001? IS09001 is a standards document that focuses on measuring the maintenance of a quality system within an organization. These standards provide a benchmark of quality and organization that are recognized around the world. They provide and promote a greater level of practice within an organization and a greater customer comfort that products… Read more »

The Journey to Becoming a Lean Enterprise

Practicing Constant Continuous Improvement I don’t think it takes much hard thought to understand that our customers expect from us products and services which meet their requirements for performance and delivery. Our reputation as a preferred supplier to our customers is contingent on excellence in these measures. They expect that we will provide to them… Read more »

One Simple Step to Save Your Marriage

Angry Woman

Is Your Marriage On the Rocks? It’s another evening, just like so many others, sitting in the living room thinking sadly about your relationship that seems to be on the rocks. You know it takes two to keep a relationship functional, but you and your spouse just seem to have become strangers in your home…. Read more »

Quality Management Saves Businesses!

Human Resources Systems

Quality Management Saves Businesses! Every manager believes that business is focused on meeting or exceeding customer service requirements. Your business probably is, but there are constantly evolving ways to improve customer satisfaction. Don Swift and Associates can introduce you to an effective Quality Management System. A well-defined and functioning Quality Management System will help you… Read more »